Engagement: Joseph & Leah

I love e-sessions. Almost always, there’s no time pressure and couples tend to let loose and have fun. Joseph and Leah were just that awesome, Carla and I had so much fun.

It got me so excited that I wanted to post all the photos. I do have to contain myself, I don’t want to spoil their slide show. I am posting a previous engagement session instead, to make up for the lack of photos. =)

jo and leah bubba elevator
I used to dread blown-out highlights, but now I embrace it. It de-clutters the photo, and helps the viewer concentrate more on the subject.

jo and leah textured bushes 3
Long Beach has a very good array of photo locations.
There seems to be one every hundred feet.

PS. They prefer candid photos, so I will be posting one soon…

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