First Presbyterian Church | Marmalade Cafe Sherman Oaks | Odyssey Granada Hills| Engagement Session: Matt + Leah

Our first stop was their church, where Matt and Leah are actively involved. Matt is a part time musician. I got the chance to hear him play the piano while I was setting up. All I can say is that he is truly gifted. He has done some music work for tv and has been contemplating on doing it full time. We then headed off to this quaint cafe; a few minutes walk from church. This was where they first met.

Lastly, we went to catch the sunset at Odyssey.


2 church
4 matt solo
4 matt leah piano
3 church solo
3 church
2 marmalade
2 marmalade 2
marmalade center
mirror marmalade
mirror street
3 Resto 2
3 Resto
3 odyssey
2 odyssey seat
backlit cinema
backlit dual portrait
2 sunset fence

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