Laguna Niguel | San Juan Capistrano Engagement Session: Lance + Jaime

One trivia about the couple, the day they are getting married is exactly the same day they got their keys to their house last year. Hence it was but natural for us to start our engagement session in there.

Lance is an “all-around-guy”. He’s into motorcycles, cars, cooking, plays the upright bass and is in a band. As the day went on and the sun a little less harsh we headed to San Juan Capistrano.

I love their “old town”, It was a photographer’s paradise, anywhere I looked, I saw possibilities. I would liken it to driving in a huge parking lot where there’s a lot of empty slots. Choosing where to park was the harder part.

Thanks to Bey Chua for assisting and second shooting.


2 portrait dual
2 ring scrabble
2 bass stairs
2 bass set
2 computers
3 kitchen
6 ring
6 indoor
3 white fence
3 bricks 1
5 details
5 details 2
3 sunset house 2
3 house sunset
3 phone booth
3 red train
3 backlit grass
5 sunset
3 roof wall
1 resto 4
1 resto 3
1 resto 2
1 resto
5 shoes
4 cinema

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