Slideshow: Arnel + Odette

slideshow 2

view the slideshow by clicking the photo after which check out their gallery.

Partial gallery now online click here. Password hint on gallery itself.


  1. art luczon says:

    I am completely out of words to describe how awesome these moments were captured so beautifully and the emotions so eloquently portrayed to last a lifetime. Truly, no matter how much words may be used to embellish the event, nothing compares to a picture saying what a thousand words can never convey.
    Thank you Vince and Carla for being there to catch those moments in time we will always remember at our daughter Claudette’s and Arnel’s wedding.

  2. Antonio Tan says:

    Thank you Vince and Carla for beautifully capturing the spirit of the event… The emotions, the people, the colors and the essence of Arnel and Claudette’s wedding was taken in timeless images that we will cherish and value for years to come.

  3. carla says:

    thank you also for the wonderful words. we were honored to be a part of the wedding (and part of the wonderful memories) ;)

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