Aliso Creek Inn Golf & Resort Wedding | Laguna Beach | Lance + Jaime

I actually begged vince to assist him in this wedding since I heard so much about them. (remember their e- sesh last april?).
We love Lance and Jaime coz they are passionate about a lot of things and they take pride in doing most things their way (well most things wedding- related, that I can say):)
The invites looked pretty and thoughtful!

We love them coz they are one of our sweetest accommodating, generous and so into each other. I am still amazed at how they regard each other with a sense of something close to reverence? :)

Keep the love burning Lance and Jaime!

PS. Thanks for giving our Jacob some fluffy company.
1 Combo Template
prep jaime
prep jaime makeup
2prep bag
prep jaime dress
prep jaime shoe
4 prep embrace
4 prep purse
4 save the date
3 prep lance
prep solo lance
4 prep lance
2--guy prep
prep bass lance
4 prep triple
4 prep back to back
4 procession
cer from afar
cerem cam
cer details
3 cer
3 cry cerem
cerem vows
cerem cry1
4 redo
duo pre pics
final prep
post bridge
post bridge 2
bamboo jaime
solo post pics
4 just married
post bridge cinema
4 post vowed
post pics bridge
4 post
2 pre look back
restricted golf course
4 wedding lawn
3 detail leave
3 details
4 daytime couple dance
bride groom
details recep
recep cake
rec details find your seat
rec bubbles
4 vodka
rec speech
rec dance floor
4 dance heart
rec fun table formal
details night
disco lance
4 glow counterpart
2 dance
4 dance dance
4 karaoke
couple rec dance
double wide dance
4 dance guest
tree night
4 clifford

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