Anatomy of a Jump

Shot around 500 hundred photos and as expected some turned out to be duds. I guess this is the norm in sports photography, you don’t know exactly when the best moment is going to happen, you just have to be trigger-happy. Most are autofocus mishaps, I certainly wished I had Canon’s top of line cameras, getting more focus points would have really helped.

I love RAW! When converted directly to JPEG it might turn out flat and boring. However, a little post processing really gives wonders.

I didn’t get to ride but I was more than happy photographing friends in action.

Alan wake to wake – perfect jump! ….almost :)

Franco powering through his start

Joseph slicing through water

Bau making it look easy

Chinggy on his succesful attempt

The smile says it all. Photographed by Carla

Mike flashing the German Moreno sign …eheheh

and my vain self portrait.



I’ve had the domain for free for almost 4 years. I didn’t realize that domain names are so cheap these days, until now. For 7 bucks, I bought a year’s subscription for a new domain. You can now point your browsers to and email inquiries at . =) I have always dreamed of having email addresses on my own domain. I guess today is a happy day for me.

Since I’m still getting the old domain for free, I plan on continuing redirection to this blog.

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