Box Eight Studios Wedding, Los Angeles | Ayres Hotel, Seal Beach: Jason and Kim

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There is so much to love about this wedding! Love love Kim’s gown. Clean, girly, fun, vintage yet modern are words that come to mind when I think about it and she wore it oh so beautifully!

The yellow and grey color scheme was pretty and i thought it perfectly complemented the venue.
Here’s their wedding day story ( or at least, the gist of it) :)

Kim says:
“From the moment that I woke up that morning I was beyond excited.
I started the day off by jumping on the girls’ (bridesmaids) bed just because I was excited to marry ‘my’ prince charming.
I was also very excited to see all my friends and family together to celebrate with us.
Both of our families seemed to be ‘fit together perfectly’. Just that alone told me I was marrying the right person.
When I was hiding in the bridal room and I heard that the boys were there, I snuck a peek and caught a glimpse of Jason and just couldn’t believe how handsome he looked.
One of my favorite moments is the standard cliché, which is his reaction when he saw me walking down the aisle; he just said “oh dayuuuuuuum” and began to cry. That moment alone did it for me.
A lot of the guests were asking if the cake was Styrofoam which I thought was pretty funny.
I Really cant put into words how amazing and perfect that day went. I wish I could go back in time and relive it over and over again.”

A lovely bride, a very cool groom, obviously in love with each other and guests who were determined to have fun, the wedding was indeed a ‘home run’ :)
Congratulations again Jason and Kim!

Thanks Mark G. for second shooting and Alan P. for manning the photobooth


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