Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels | Dorothy Chandler Pavilion | Downtown Los Angeles Wedding: Bruce + Kristine

to date, bruce and kristine’s wedding was the easiest….and the hardest.
it was the easiest because kristine did not set a lot of expectations…
she wanted mostly photos to remember her most special day with family and friends.

it was a wedding planned for next year, but because of an illness in the family, it was arranged earlier than originally planned.

it was the hardest emotionally because there was a lingering sense of sadness that refused to be ignored.
i think i have cried more at their wedding than at my own wedding.
most people get married for the usual reasons: love, procreation, the promise of monogamy and commitment.
and there is no denying the love that they have for each other as evident in the testimonies of their friends during the toasts;
i commend them for getting married as they did so as to share and have the most important people in their lives witness their ‘coming together’.

as with most weddings that we cover, hers reminded me of mine.
when i danced with my father at my wedding; i thought of how well he danced..
he had a few nice moves; guiding me through mantovani’s version of where is your heart.
i was proud of him and wondered how come i never learned to play the saxophone or learned to dance as well as he did?

as i attempted to capture kristine’s dance with her father through blurry eyes, i wondered what was going through her mind as well.
i may never know what her thoughts were, but i’m glad i’ve seen love, tenderness and respect.

wedding gallery to follow

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  1. Candy says:

    Vince and Carla your photos are amazing!!! I’m so happy for you guys. Will you do my wedding? Hahaha!

  2. Betchabay says:

    Kainis ka Carla, napaiyak mo ko with your intro. The photos are beautiful. You and Vince really make a great team. Congratulations!

  3. carla says:

    thanks so much candz and betchabay for the kind words. this wedding was personally inspiring. :)

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