Chateau Elysee | Manor Hotel Wedding: John + Crystal

she was anxious (like most brides );but with just enough anxiety to show a hint of anticipation in her pretty smile.
she was excited (as expected of a bride); it brought a steady glow in her eyes.
and as excited as the day she sent a photo of her wedding gown during her first few emails with us=)

i am not sure if it she has practiced or researched her poses, or if she’s just naturally graceful;
but i love how she went on with her wedding preparations doing things in a ‘picture-ready’ manner; coz it just made things so easy for us.
pardon the term, coz the term ‘flirting’comes to mind =) …but with the camera as the object of interest….
it is when one does her usual ways: whether putting on the other shoe or pair of earring; smoothing the creases on one’s gown, leaning on the doorway for support; rearranging the flowers in one’s bouquet, or even embracing that ‘ i havent’ seen you for along time-friend”
but one does such things with the camera in mind…with the thought that any moment, any action can be captured by the camera; so one does things with an added hint of gracefulness…or poise.
i think it is a nice mindset or attitude.

and he just went along with her, beautifully.


The hotel was simply fantastic, I think I can shoot all day and not run out of places to shoot at. What used to be Chateau Elysee is now called the Manor Hotel. Home of the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International. Located within the vicinity of Hollywood: its castle like french architecture gave me the opportunity to shoot a fairy tale wedding. Literally.

Gallery will be online soon. Check out all the photos on our client gallery.

- vince

dress and prep
stairs at home going down wide
john looking
dual portrait 2
manor stairs
kiss me wide
manor sofa
john candid 1
dual staircase
Dual star gazebo and manor facade
clover and solo
candid collage

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