Engagement: Kima + Hydz

we were excited for this engagement shoot.
hydee opted for a guestbook instead of the slideshow, its a storybook format where guests could scribble in their thoughts and wishes; her idea was brilliant.
(well, im a little biased since it bore some similarities with what i did for my wedding almost 5 years ago =)
i used polaroid photos that guests took of themselves, posted them on a blank guestbook page beside their scribbles)
i think it is more intimate and very accessible.

Click HERE to see their guestbook. It may take few minutes to download.



  1. kima & hydee says:

    Everybody loved the book. Very excited to see the wedding pictures. Thank you so much Muuuuaaah!

  2. carla says:

    thank you also hydz and kima…it was a beautiful wedding..it was a pleasure working with you..we’re as excited with the photos=)

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