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Our portfolio page is now online. Like most photographers, I was planning on subscribing to a template provider. They are easy to update and are well polished design-wise. I, however, opted to use free flash templates available online. It took me awhile to find one that appealed to us. It took me even longer to customize it. If it is free there’s always a catch. If you want the best you have to pay for it. My response, you don’t have to pay by cash, you can always work for it. Either way, you have to work for both. In this case, I knew I need to brush up on Flash. It was hard but I knew, my perseverance will pay-off. In time, it will get easier. Just like photography or any other skill.

Everything is a work in progress. This will be continuously updated.

Here’s the link:
also, a direct link can also be found in this blog’s navigation header.

PS. It may take a while to start as the photos are being pre-loaded. Once its done, there won’t be any slowdowns

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  1. crystal says:

    wow you guys are trully amazing! Can’t wait to have you take my wedding photos!

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