Hyatt Valencia | Blessed Kateri | Valencia Country Club Wedding: Allen + Laura

After more than 50+ plus weddings this is my very first ever local wedding. Although Santa Clarita is part of Los Angeles county, it is somehow detached in a sense that it is situated on the top edge of the map. Nearby places that come to mind only include San Fernando Valley and Palmdale.
Setting up a meeting with Allen and Laura was a breeze. I guess now I know how it feels to book a local wedding. The wedding was at Blessed Kateri, the very same church my family goes to; where my youngest son Jacob was baptized. It was an awesome experience covering a wedding ceremony in a church I go to every Sunday.

The wedding was very relaxed and smooth flowing. Reynar, our second shooter, who by the way is also local, thought that it was one of the best weddings he had been to.
I love the presence of kids at their wedding. There were lots of them and were always smile- ready.

As the day ended, I felt like I still possessed the same energy that got me going at the start of the day. Valencia Country Club is a mere 5mins drive from my home.:) I’m so looking forward to more local weddings.

Congratulations Allen and Laura!


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