iPhone Optimized

This blog is now iPhone optimized or at least partly optimized. I’m not a big fan of Apple’s premium pricing. If they were sold cheap and built as well, I’ll surely grab me some of those Mac and MacBook Pro’s. Apple leads in user interface (UI) design and they just work. Their iPhone interface is one perfect example, simple, powerful and easy to use. Getting rid of the stylus and still make it work is genius. That’s what sets it apart. I thought the keyboard would be too clunky and would slow me down. It didn’t, once you get used to it you can type just as fast. Competition will catch up for sure, by that time I might be able to afford to buy one myself.

I’ll be honest, seeing the cute homescreen logos inspired me to do one for the blog. It was just too cute not to have one.

iPhone Optimized website with homescreen logo customized

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