Jay Durias Photoshoot

Jay Durias, of Southborder fame, was especially pleasant and nice. The objective was to create a no frills photo which will then be post-processed in the Philippines for billboards and promo materials. This was shot a few days before his album launch in Manila. Thanks to Mia, for the vote of confidence, too bad you weren’t around. =(

logo weapon
The B&W photo is my only edit. The rest were lighted conservatively and minimally processed since the final output was yet to be conceptualized. Despite all this, Jay knew what look he is going for and this made my job a lot easier. Music is indeed his weapon, it is not surprising that he likes this shirt.

It took me a few clicks to realize that he is taller than what he seemed. We had to re-raise the background and if I remember it right he is 6 foot 3″.


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