LA Athletic Club Wedding | Park Plaza Hotel Wedding: Evan and Danielle

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Lots of stuff to love at this wedding. Evan and Danielle did their preparations at the downtown Los Angeles Athletic Club. What a gorgeous place! Founded in 1880 by prominent Angelenos, its period furnishings gave a classic and decadent feel to it which may be reminiscent of the late 1800s.

The wedding ceremony was held at the Historic Park Plaza. It was great coming back for a second wedding at this beautiful venue.
Colors! a beautiful mix of colors at Evan and Danielle’s wedding and I say that (figuratively and literally) ;)
I love the bridesmaids’ shoes which came in rich colored tones, the hanging flower-filled glass bubbles which adorned the chuppah and the flowers in pretty shades of pink,red, yellow, and mauve.

Mazel tov Evan and Danielle!

Many thanks Mark G. for second shooting.
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