La Puente Wedding: Ozzie + Jeanette

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Congratulations Ozzie and Jeanette!

Time and time again, Crystal Marquis the reception venue, continues to wow me. We’ve witnessed and shot several weddings here and I’m still awed by the architecture and interior design. Aside from aesthetics, we have continuously witnessed how Art and the Crystal Marquis staff took care of their bride, groom and guests. This is my first time to give a vendor overview, I sincerely feel they deserve a glowing one.

Thanks Mark G for 2nd shooting.

Crystal Marquis_005
Crystal Marquis_098
Crystal Marquis_099
Crystal Marquis_009
Crystal Marquis_014
Crystal Marquis_011
Crystal Marquis_004
Crystal Marquis_105
Crystal Marquis_007
Crystal Marquis_008
Crystal Marquis_010
Crystal Marquis_102
Crystal Marquis_016
Crystal Marquis_163
Crystal Marquis_100

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