Marriott Marina Del Rey Wedding: Lisa + Dmitry

i have always been a fan of romance.
from books, to movies, to songs….
after getting married , i thought that the the inclination to anything romantic would go inversely proportional with the number of marital years; but i was wrong… despite the pressures associated with marriage and parenthood, there was always that ‘compulsion’ for anything romantic..
maybe that’s why love i wedding photography.
i think weddings represent romance.

and because i am romantic, i have always ‘personally’ judged weddings based on the variety of wonderful emotions evoked by the wedding itself.
so when we covered lisa and dmitry’s wedding at the beautiful marriot hotel in manila del rey…. i was very excited.
but i don’t think i was prepared for the seemingly boundless energy and gamut of emotions that i have witnessed at this wedding.
it was all real and engrossing.
i remember music….. melodic music that was poignant.
i remember dancing …circle dancing…the hora which was so much fun.
and their wedding was not just about fun.
it was also about tradition.
and the wedding rituals were equally fascinating.
at some point, i have seen group of men gathered in a corner at dusk, in prayer amidst the happy chattering of the guests.
and i have seen them again, at midnight amidst the joyous dancing of the crowd.
it was like a paradox. an amazing contradiction.
lastly,i feel proud that lisa and dmitry did well at their wedding.
i have seen them having fun and have somehow witnessed the deep regard that they have for each other.

mazel tov lisa and dmitry!


wedding gallery will follow soon.

shoes and ring

emotions 2b

ceremony candid
ceremony 2
dad on vows
dance and kids

dance emotions portrait dual

dance dive

chair collage


couple dance



ceremony dual portrait


  1. Lisa + Dmitry says:

    NICE! Can’t wait to see more. We love it!

  2. Roxanne says:

    I got goose bumps again!!! This is still so exciting…
    I want to see more!!! (I know I sound like an excited child :D) And also to see some video.
    Guys, for me it feels such a great dream I had, I guess for you it felt like heaven. Hope you’ll always feel that way.

  3. Eleonora says:

    Beautiful pictures! And beautiful couple…

  4. Carla says:

    ‘Twas a pleasure capturing their moments ;)

  5. Vince says:

    Lisa + Dmitry – I’m now working on the gallery part. We’ll have it online soon. :)

  6. you re a real princess with his prince!!
    Love, Charlotte

  7. ana says:

    wow!!!! These pictures are amazing! It really captures all the love in the air on that day. It was magical :)

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