Monrovia and Rosemead Wedding: Eric + Flora

“You’re rich in love, and you’re slow to anger.
Your name is great, and your heart is kind.
For all your goodness, I will keep on singing.
Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find”

Heard these words beautifully sang by Eric and Flora during their wedding ceremony.
It was one of those touching scenes that I will always associate their wedding with.
Added to that is their warmth, ready smiles and passion to embrace their future with love and optimism.

PS I had so much fun at this wedding..thanks to my sister and brother in law who were then visiting from New Zealand for assisting me at the photo booth. Thanks also Ed for second shooting.

Congratulations and best wishes Eric and Flora!

Monrovia Wedding-001.jpg
Monrovia Wedding-002.jpg
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Monrovia Wedding-029.jpg
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