Pasadena Convention Center Wedding | Saint Andrew’s Church: Llewy and Ingrid

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Love is….

….the day you walk down the aisle with him.

.. and it is not on Valentine’s Day!:) Ingrid and Llewy finally said their I Do’s at the St. Andrew’s Catholic Church on September 29. This was followed by a reception at the Pasadena Convention Center.

“Love is….” definitely everywhere; the invites, the wedding cake and the decors.

Although the Love is.. comic strip is not unknown to me, Ingrid and Llewy’s wedding just made me appreciate how open ended the phrase is, allowing one to freely define love in the simplest, most personal way.

Congratulations and Best Wishes Ingrid and Llewy, may you continue adding your own definition to the phrase Love is..

Thanks Mark G for second shooting.


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