Rancho Camulos | DIY Vintage Ranch and Barnyard Wedding | Los Angeles: Kevin + Brittney

What is there to love about Kevin and Brittney’s wedding? Everything!
I love the location!
Rancho Camulos is a national historic museum located a few miles from where we live. Never visited this place until a week before the wedding for an ocular. It felt like stepping into a time capsule and being transported back to the 1850’s. Most things and structures are honest to goodness vintage. It is said to be one of the inspirations for a best selling novel Ramona; written in 1884 by Helen Hunt Jackson.

I think that Kevin and Brittney gave justice to their theme by incorporating diy decors , used and worn-out bits and pieces to make everything look vintage. I love her mantilla style veil …so classic and lovely. And who doesn’t love the book ‘A thousand ways to please a husband’? that is surely old school, and I love it!:)

To every other little bride Who has a “Bob” to please,
And says she’s tried and tried and tried
To cook with skill and ease.
And cant! — we offer here as guide Bettinas Recipes!
To her whose “Bob” is prone to wear
A sad and hungry look,
Because the maid he thought so fair
Is — well — she just cant cook!
To her we say : do not despair;
Just try Bettina’s Book!
-Dedication “A Thousand Ways To Please a Husband”

All the best Kevin and Brittney. May you share many happy dinners on rainy nights!


Thanks to Mark G for doing an awesome job second shooting for Vince!

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