Republika: Ledge Edition

Sibil’s pre-thanksgiving event at Montmarte Lounge, Hollywood.

Click on the links for photos
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3

Alternatively, photos can be seen on Sibil’s website.

Republika Ledge 2
upon entering, you’ll get to see this stunning entrance. It sure did made up putting the whole club on the 2nd floor.

EJ and Ruth
EJ + Ruth, 2nd thing you’ll notice, plush red walls made the place luxurious

james and antoinete
James + Antoinette Taus

this brick arch made a great framing opportunity plus cool peeps. I wasn’t expecting them to look but they did anyway.

against the light
i was literally shooting blind here, the spolights were blazing directly through my viewfinder. i didn’t get the first one right but did a couple of flash adjustments to get this.

Jayvie and Jeric
Jayvie Agojo + Jeric Mercado

Light Play
lightsticks remind me of the techno days, i’ve always wanted to get photos of these. hope to find more in the future.

- – – -

Project McFly
Rel Princeton
Speesh Beats

Jenny Chu
Kitty Cat

Catalyst, Sibil Events
A-Ron, Sibit Events

E-5, Nostalgia
P-Ryu, Surf Ninjas
Ingwell, Moonshinerz
George, Flow-LA
Kutz, Gend-up Ent
J-Broski, Hi-Tek FX
Lite Chi, Hi-Tek FX


  1. Carlo Cruz says:

    great shots vince! seems like an awesome party! i totally missed out on this one :( .. sayang talaga!

  2. Vince says:

    carlo, thanks, oo nga eh, I’ll see you guys next time out ha.

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