The venue in Glendale used to be called Rusty Pelican, I guess I have been out of the loop that much and didn’t know that it’s now called Minx.

From the Sibil series of filipino events here in Los Angeles, California. Featuring Sugar Chaos, Franz, Lei Bautista, 153 Rockwood, Six Sign and their fabulous DJs – Catalyst, P-Ryu, E-5, A-Ron. Also worth mentioning is the presence of phenom pinay golfer Jayvie Agojo.

Pinoygrapher friends tearing the dance floor (Dex + Carlo + Anna + Joey)

republika 3
Luz + Anne + Ico + April + Ryan

Luz + Joni

What should have been an ordinary groupie photo made interesting by the hilarious guy behind them. =)

2AM outside Minx with the party mood still lingering

Location: Minx Bar and Restaurant – Glendale, CA

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