San Fernando Mission | Odyssey Restaurant – Granada Hills Wedding | Peter + Jeanette

I had so much fun doing their engagement session and I really looked  forward to this wedding.  It was a classic ‘boy meets girl’ scenario; ‘hi’s and hello’s’ exchanged at the elevator (they work for different employers in the same building) which eventually progressed into a relationship and culminated into this wedding.

Congratulations you guys! Thanks to Mark G for assisting and second shooting.


*Most of the time, love works in simple, predictable yet enduring ways.;)- Carla

girls triple
girls face
girls curls
girls maid of honor kid
girl solo grill 4
girls solo gril big
girl solo grill 3
girl two girls
girls duo wide
2 guys minimal
2 guys line
guys orchid
2 guys prep
guys face
guys bw
cer couple
>cer bride and groom
2 cer solos
cer backlit
2 cer hug n marria
cer marriachi
cer girl
cer hand
cer dad camera
cer back
2 curly
cer groomsmen
cer videographer
cer angle
cer maid
cer sitted
cer twins
cer kiss
cer celebrate
cer recess
both solo
both head
guys lift double
2 guy carry 2
both girl lift
2 girls carry
2 rec details
rec cer back
cer marriachi violin
dance couple wide focus
2 rec details 2
cer marriachi table
2 dance groom mom
dance groom mom
dance dad bride
2 rec speech
rec last supp
2 game garter
rec garter
rec garter big
garter bw blur wide
garter game
2 game train
dance money
rec cake wide
dance raise up
dance mic
2 dance group hug
2 dance couple
2 dance bride
cer outside

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