SmogShoppe Wedding | Culver City | Johnney + Krys

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It was nice to be back at the Smog shoppe, a venue I have marveled upon every time I visit. The owner of the highly successful wedding venue, Marvimon, had really outdone themselves. They excellently melded green building design in a very urban setting.

Lots of things to love in this wedding! Love Krys’ very unique wedding brooch bouquet that she got from Etsy. Check out the beautiful lanterns that served as table centerpieces and as gifts for their guests to take home. Using a bicycle cake topper was certainly a touch of whimsy.

To cap the wedding evening they arranged for a cart that served a delightful selection of sorbet and gelato. Congratulations Johnney and Krys!

Thanks Mark and Sonny for 2nd shooting and assisting!

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