UCLA – Royce Hall | E-Session | Savio + Grace

I encourage costumes and props during engagement sessions. Here’s what they told me they’re bringing:

- A formal dress for a wedding: Oh I thought maybe it was something formal fit for a wedding guest.
– School uniforms: Oh, I thought they’re bringing school shirts since Savio works at USC and Grace studied at UCLA. That’s nice.

Then the day came, I caught a glimpse of Grace and WOW!… a wedding dress…a very beautiful one at that! She brought it from Hongkong and they told me she wasn’t using it on her wedding day. I was blown away, I always endeavor to capture something unique every-time I shoot and this surely makes it easy.

Then it was time for the uniforms. Once more, instead of the shirts they brought their highschool uniforms back from Hongkong. They were classmates thus the uniforms.

I had fun, as always. It was a bummer the library and classrooms were closed but the unexpected surprises and wonderful company made the whole afternoon enjoyable and worthwhile.


P - Dual
L - 3x2 Normal
dual flare
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  1. Savio+Grace says:

    Thanks Vince!! It was a wonderful afternoon. We love the pictures. We just can’t stop looking at them again and again : )

  2. Vince says:

    It was our pleasure. We’re glad you guys love them!

  3. Carla says:

    Thanks Dads

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