W Hotel Hollywood Wedding: Danny + Julie

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A Hollywood-inspired wedding at the W hotel in Hollywood.

This wedding has so much details and accents reminiscent of an old Hollywood movie première with splashes of red, black and white for the color scheme.

Personalized View-Masters for their 3D wedding invites; a host of paparazzi armed with old school photography paraphernalia, a champagne girl handing out the bubblies once you get through the red carpet, movie vendors dressed in retro outfit (check-out the Cigarette Girls!)

A silent movie accompanied live by a pianist, and a gorgeous bride and groom who played the enamored couple part naturally.

Congratulations and Best Wishes Danny and Julie!

I live in Valencia, this event is special for me because it is an “all Santa Clarita vendor – affair” including the priest =)
What an awesome wedding! Shout-out to Mark G for 2nd Shooting.

Makeup: Serina Hughes
Hair: Margaret Kiester & Jennifer Hasper Beyond The Fringe
Event Producer: Peter Goossens (Goose on the Loose Productions)
DJ + Lighting: SOS Entertainment
Video (Silent Movie/Wedding): Matrimony Pictures
Piano Accompaniment: Cliff Retallic
Flowers: Claire’s Flowers
Costumes: No Strings Attached Costumes

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