Westin Pasadena Wedding: Duke + Sheryl

and she said:
there is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved

and it is so obvious they both found it; sealed it in marriage at westin pasadena
it was a night so special as it commenced the beginning of ‘togetherness';the end of a long-distance relationship; the beginning of a new life; the end of singlehood.
it was indeed a privilege witnessing and capturing this special event; it was a bonus that sheryl was so subtle with her poses ; that duke caught on pretty quickly and went along with her.

- carla

08.08.08 Wedding. The hotel is so photogenic, we didn’t run out of places to shoot and time was the only thing that stopped us. A dilemma I’d rather have anytime. Lighting is wonderful, it is very warm giving this yellowy ambiance. Their staff were very helpful. Someone even suggested we do one of our shots with the grand piano and I didn’t have to ask.

Lastly, every time I edit, I always heave a sigh of relief for having Carla around. Not only for being the extra eye, but also for capturing stuff that is surely impossible for me to take when she’s not around. A perfect example is photo number 7 & 8 (where their elbows are resting in some sort of balcony rail). I took the wider angled photo #7 while Carla took a closeup shot at almost the same instant (#8).


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bride inside car limo limousine wedding waiting flower boquet
bride inside car limo limousine wedding waiting flower boquet
getting out of the car limo wedding flower door
getting ready fixing hair shoulders anticipating bride anticipate nervouse
wedding bride walk down aisle elevator silip
balcony up
balcony down


  1. Hofe says:

    It’s full of emotions and wonderfully done. Very Beautiful..

  2. Duke says:

    I am left speechless with all these breathtaking portraits….Vince and Carla are truly best at what they do……thank you for making our day forever etched in our hearts with your beautiful photos

  3. Sheryl says:

    To Vince and Carla, I am truly impressed with the kind of work you do and the passion that goes with it. Thank you for providing us with beautiful and captivating photos. I love all of them. My family and friends love them. They keep on telling us how beautiful the pictures are and I have you guys to thank.

  4. carla says:

    thanks also duke and sheryl.it was a pleasure working with you both; you were a wonderful couple to work with.=)

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