Whittier Wedding | Penn Park | Crystal Marquis Ballroom: Arnel + Odette

arnel and odette were gradeschool classmates who have not seen each other for the longest time ..the internet and a little help from the family helped bring them together in marriage. long distance relationship and the whole process of getting arnel relocated was not without difficulties . everything was set except for the groom to be who waited for his visa to get approved the last minute….it was all about uncertainty until 2 weeks before the wedding.

claudette was one of the most relaxed brides ive seen..or perhaps she was good at hiding tension behind her beautiful smile.

i cant forget what she said: ” i remember my first catholic communion with arnel”

how does one feel remembering how one’s first catholic communion was celebrated together with the person she’ll hold hands with at the altar?
they were prolly aged 7 or 8’s then.
it must have felt surreal.

arnel on the other hand was cool and composed. i think its because one of his greatest worries was overcome. he made it to the wedding! ;)

how does one feel knowing that distance was not a hindrance; but a force to be reckoned with to add strength and value to a relationship?

it is during these times when i can’t help but be amazed at the power of the internet.. ..how it has bridged distance and reduced the difficulty of overcoming the absence of a ‘physical presence’ .

and im still amazed at how the internet helped them connect with loved ones in the philippines during the reception; there was real time/ live streaming of the wedding activities to arnel’s brother who couldn’t make it to the wedding.

family and friends were as supportive giving them encouragement, sharing their experiences with the hope of preparing them for the new life ahead.

arnel’s dad said:
“marriage is a commitment..it involves sacrifice..and the responsibility of keeping the love alive..”

what should one think ….of marriage? commitment? the sacrifices involved…and the challenge of keeping the love alive?
i dont think it involves an easy path as with all marriages. but they have overcome so much, their love and small victories would strengthen the bond that they chose to forge.

ps. it was also arnel’s mom’s birthday…it was sweet to celebrate it at their wedding.

slideshow and full gallery to follow.

dual portrait
adam & eve
massage 2
online low res
catch trio
dance with grandma
kiss with family looking
carla krisman
photo room


  1. Riki Ordinario says:

    These pictures brought tears in my eyes……the photographer captured the feelings of the moment….I am Arnel’s uncle…even though I was not able to attend the wedding….It was as if I was there with them…

  2. Elizabeth Villalobos Herrera says:

    Claudette you look so beautiful!!! I am so happy for you and I wish you and Arnell a very happy,long life together.

  3. Antonio Tan says:

    I have attended many weddings in my lifetime and I am so happy that the essence and beauty of the simple, yet elegant wedding of our son Arnel with Odette was totally captured by the photographers, Vince and Carla. They are excellent!

  4. Dolly Castillo Sapad says:

    It was very unfortunate that we were not able to attend such a wonderful wedding. From the pictures we’ve seen it was indeed an spectacular & memorable wedding because it was also Ate Beng’s birthday. Anyway, congratulations again Arnel & Claudette, we will see you one these days, come visit us here in Sacramento. God bless you both.

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